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輔助診斷的AI技術 AI for Disease Detection


Visiona MedTech International, founded in 2013, focus on developing intelligent software for diseases detection. During a 3-year IncuTech Program sponsored by the Hong Kong SAR Government via the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, the Visiona team, with cross-discipline expertise, successfully developed VisionaDR by leveraging on state-of-the-art deep learning technology.

瞳訊智能糖網篩查平台 VisionaDR


In 2016, Visiona launched VisionaDR, Hong Kong's first online SaaS platform, providing retinal image analysis services for automatic detection of Diabetic Retinopathy.  Independent validation report released by a world's top 100 university recommends VisionaDR as safe for DR Screening practice. 

防盲 Blind Prevention


VisionaDR, a web-based image analysis service platform, enables healthcare service organisations to provide DR Screening to diabetes patients virtually everywhere their fundus cameras can be taken to. It is reshaping preventive healthcare service delivery model, making DRS conveniently available to people at every corner at affordable costs.


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